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     Living Oak Farm is a thriving, synergetic, co-creative, cooperative and ever evolving environment supporting nutritional production and profitable distribution of livestock, forage, vegetables, medicinal herbs,

and educational outreach within the community; while at the same time enhancing the land, farm family,

and animal welfare with gratitude, joy, and abundance.

     The health and wellbeing of our family is at the top of our list as we imagine the same is true for you. We can't dream of anything more rewarding than regenerating the land, protecting wildlife, raising healthy thriving animals, vegetables and herbs to sustain our family and yours.

     Tim and I spent seventeen years envisioning a family farm. We read books, went to conferences, visited farms and watched countless YouTube videos in anticipation of actualizing our dream. We have committed ourselves to honor the natural cycles of nature and work with the seasons, our land and our livestock to achieve our goals with minimal stress. 


     Therefore we do not use chemicals on our land or feed them to our animals. We do not tear up the land, or use any form of chemicals as we work to build topsoil and healthy microorganism to support life, nourishment and sequester carbons. Our animals are raised with respect and without the use of vaccines, hormones, antibiotics or grain feeds. Our livestock are raised and fed on forage and rotated across the farm in a symbiotic cycle of grazing grass and leaving their waste as fertilizer. Not only is this best for the land and the animals, it is also the most healthy way to raise meat and restore the environment.


     We invite you to visit and experience the joy of connecting with the land, plants, livestock and wildlife that find their home at Living Oak Farm. We are excited and grateful for the opportunity to share our experiences and successes. It is an inspiration to continue our work when we see our journey reflected through our visitors, customers, and community.


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