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     At Living Oak Farm we care for our pastures by the way we manage our cattle. We do not use chemicals on our pastures or in our cattle. We are sequestering carbon and transforming grass into "gourmet beef" through our grazing cattle.

     Our grass fed finished beef is cared for on our pastures for a minimum of two years. We do not use vaccines, antibiotics or dewormers on our grass fed beef steers. They are rotated onto fresh pastures depending upon our growing season.

     Our cattle genetics are based on registered Red Devon Beef cattle and black Angus heifers. Red Devon cattle are known for their ability to transform grass into tasty beef with little to no input. They are early to mature, excellent mothers, and parasite tolerant.

     We finish, process and sell all natural grass fed beef as well as Red Devon Registered Seed Stock.

We are always available to talk about our grass fed cattle!

Beef Cattle ~ Grass Genetics ~ Pasture Management

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